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Rainpoo oblique cameras help with Smart City projects

What are oblique cameras used for in construction/mining


With 3D mapping software,it can directly measure the distance, length, area, volume and other data in the 3D model.. This fast and inexpensive method of volume measurement is particularly useful to calculate stocks in mines and quarries for inventory or monitoring purposes.

Monitoring and operation planning

With an accurate 3D model produced from oblique cameras, construction/mine managers can now more efficiently design and manage site operations while collaborating across teams. This is because they can more accurately assess the volume of material that must be extracted or moved according to plans or legal standards.

Assessment before and after drilling or blasting

By using oblique cameras in mining, you produce cost-effective and accessible 3D reconstructions and surface models for areas to be blasted or drilled.These models help accurately analyze the area to be drilled and calculate the volume to be extracted post blasting. This data allows you to better manage resources such as the number of trucks needed. A comparison against surveys taken before and after the blasting will allow volumes to be calculated more accurately. This improves planning for future blasts, cutting the cost of explosives, time on site and drilling.

Why use drones and oblique cameras in construction/mining

  • Safe for workers

    Due to the busy nature of construction and mining scenes, workers’ safety is a priority. With the high-resolution models from oblique camera, you can inspect otherwise difficult-to-access or high-traffic areas of the site, without endangering yourself our any workers.

  • Highly accurate

    3D models built by oblique cameras achieve survey-grade accuracy with less time, less people, and less equipment.

  • Less cost

    The management and deployment of the project can be completed on the 3D model without the works going to the site to implement these tasks, which will greatly reduce the cost.

  • Save time

    A large amount of work was transferred to the computer, which greatly saved the overall time of the entire project