3d mapping camera



3D modeling

The project and technical support team members have an average of more than five years of experience and a total flight area of over 1500 square kilometers. In order to ensure the quality of the results, we have equipped each project personnel with a high-tech oblique camera produced by Rainpoo . At present, our project team undertakes services such as oblique photography flight, 3D modeling data processing, and 3D model modify.

If you have projects such as Survey/GIS/Smart City/Construction/MiningTourism/Ancient buildings protection/Emergency command and need to do 3D modeling works, but don’t have equipment or experienced men ,we can help you complete these tasks at a reasonable price.

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Data processing

We have a computer cluster with more than one hundred computers and can process more than 500,000 at a time.

If you can't handle such a large amount of photo data,on the basis of guaranteeing the quality and accuracy of the 3D model,we can help you with those data processing at a reasonable price.

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Technical support

Our company has a camera technical support department, which is composed of our most experienced technical support engineers. The average support experience of the members is more than 3 years. After the delivery of the camera, our company will assign a professional technical support engineer to the customer to train the use of camera to ensure that the operators can use the camera skillfully.

Therefore, if you have any problems with the camera use, the technical support department can provide services. In addition, each customer has a one-to-one customer service manager. If you have technical service needs, you can always get in touch with the customer service manager, we will be happy to help you.

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Pre-sales support

We accept demonstration-invitation worldwide.If you are interested in our oblique cameras,don’t hesitate to contact us and get a demo chance.

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We believe that excellent products and experienced workers can provide perfect services for our customers.

The user-experience has always been the focus of Rainpoo. In order to respond quickly to the needs of users, Rainpoo has set up a set of after-sales, emergency and value-added plans to deal with various unexpected problems and meet the needs of users . Professional camera-maintenance team, technical support team, camera-test team, to ensure the high quality and high standard of each camera that produced by us. It is the eternal mission of Rainpoo to provide users with the best products and services.

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