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RIY oblique cameras


Choose a suitable and professional camera for your drones

  • M6


    Category: RIY oblique cameras

    61MP/full-frame/330g/Minimum exposure time interval ≤0.8s/high-accuracy/fixed-wing and multi-rotor drones/optical lens/Aspheric mirror/Distortion correction


Camera Comparison

Model Single lens pixels(10000) Aspheric mirror Distortion correction ED lens Attitude Solution Sky-filter Sky-target Sky-AAC HS Disk/Parametric Adjustment

Customer Reviews

  • Martin Elgammal

    Martin Elgammal

    “DG4Pros is definitely the best oblique camera I\'ve ever used,it is robust and light,one camera can be carried by both my DJI M600Pro and fixed-wing drones.I use it for smart city projects, and I kn...

  • Emili del Pozo

    Emili del Pozo

    “I was one of the first users of Rainpoo’s oblique camera, and I bought a D2 camera in 2017. To this day, this D2 is still helping me with my mapping projects.”

  • James Saidan

    James Saidan

    I am customer from Uzbekistan,Tashkent city. I am satisfied with this seller and this camera. Every time I get responses from this seller for my any requests on time . We also chatted via WeChat.

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