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  • M6 Pros-Drone/UAV mapping camera

    M6 Pros-Drone/UAV mapp...

    Category: RIY oblique cameras

    The M6 Pros is a multipurpose product, equipped with a triaxial enhanced stability head that can be used for both orthophonic image production and close-range photogrammetry to create high quality and refined 3D models.

  • M10 Pro-aerial mapping camera

    M10 Pro-aerial mapping...

    Category: RIY oblique cameras

    The Rainpoo M10 aerial mapping camera is light in weight and extremely small in size. It is easily compatible with most of the current market aerial survey UAV platforms to obtain superior aerial images. The camera is highly integrated and has a firm structure

  • M6-Measurement camera

    M6-Measurement camera

    Category: RIY oblique cameras

    61MP/full-frame/330g/Minimum exposure time interval ≤0.8s/high-accuracy/fixed-wing and multi-rotor drones/optical lens/Aspheric mirror/Distortion correction

  • M4-Economical orthometric photogrammetry camera

    M4-Economical orthomet...

    Category: RIY oblique cameras

    It's a economical orthometric photogrammetry camera, the camera has a high sampling frequency and is configured to provide real-time feedback on the status of photography


Camera Comparison

Model Single lens pixels(10000) Aspheric mirror Distortion correction ED lens Attitude Solution Sky-filter ? Sky-target ? Sky-AAC ? HS Disk/Parametric Adjustment

Customer Reviews

  • Martin Elgammal

    Martin Elgammal

    “DG4Pros is definitely the best oblique camera I\'ve ever used,it is robust and light,one camera can be carried by both my DJI M600Pro and fixed-wing drones.I use it for smart city projects, and I kn...

  • Emili del Pozo

    Emili del Pozo

    “I was one of the first users of Rainpoo’s oblique camera, and I bought a D2 camera in 2017. To this day, this D2 is still helping me with my mapping projects.”

  • James Saidan

    James Saidan

    I am customer from Uzbekistan,Tashkent city. I am satisfied with this seller and this camera. Every time I get responses from this seller for my any requests on time . We also chatted via WeChat.

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