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support services

The user experience has always been the focus of Rainpoo. Our mission is to provide the best quality service to our customers. Professional technical support team ensure the smooth use of each camera, through real-time remote service. No matter what you need, Rainpoo will solve it for you ASAP.

Maintenance application and inquiry

For the support of camera maintenance, RainpooTech is equipped with perfect after-sales service team to solve the problems of product maintenance at any time for customers. For faulty or damaged cameras, you can submit a repair application on the website. We will assess the repair cost and repair period after receiving the faulty cameras.


During the maintenance process, we will feedback the maintenance progress at any time. After the repair is completed, we will check and fly the camera to ensure that the camera works properly and then send it to the customer.


Camera technical support

Our company has a camera technical support department, composed of our experienced technical support engineers, the average member of the support experience of more than 3 years. After the camera is delivered, our company will appoint professional technical support engineers to conduct camera training for customers to ensure that customers' front-line operators can operate the camera skillfully.


After that, if you have any problems with the camera application, the technical support department can provide camera technical support service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, unlimited number of times. In addition, each customer has a one-to-one customer service manager, if you have technical service needs, you can contact the customer service manager at any time, we will serve you wholeheartedly.

After-sales technical training plan

Our company has a camera technical support department, composed of our experienced technical support engineers, the average support experience of members is over 3 years. At the time of initial delivery, our company will appoint professional project engineers to conduct online remote training for customers, so as to ensure that customers' front-line operators can master the operation and maintenance methods of the camera, and help customers get familiar with the camera as soon as possible and use it in practice. The training courses mainly include oblique photography theory training, instrument operation training, supporting software use training, practical operation training, product maintenance training.


Interior work technical support

According to many years of experience in the industry and the feedback from many customers, the real pain point of the project is concentrated on the office work compared with the field work. The problems in the office work account for about 80% of the total number of problems in the whole project, and will consume 70% of the time to solve the whole project.


In the process of long-term undertaking projects, Rainpoo has cultivated a large number of experienced staff in interior work , who can deal with various types of problems in the office work. In the process of data processing, if you encounter any difficulties or questions, you can consult in the one-to-one Wechat group, our technical staff will provide you with professional solutions.


Who We Are

In China, Rainpoo multi-lens and single-lens cameras are widely used in fields such as photography photogrammetry/3D live-action modeling/geographic mapping.

Our Mission

We are committed to become the world's top overall solution provider for geospatial data acquisition and post data processing.

Our Values

We has accumulated a large number of core technologies in the fields of optics, inertial navigation, photogrammetry, spatial data processing etc.

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The application of oblique photography is not limited to the above examples, if you have more questions please contact us